DIY Embroidered Accent Chair

Hey Friends!

Something you may not know about me is my love of antique, vintage, or just older furniture. I love finding “junk” and revamping it into something fun and colourful. That’s why when I found this woven back bucket chair I had to snag it! I love this style of chair, but the orange patterned seat and plain brown wood weren’t working for me. So, I decided to spruce up this out of style piece and turn it into a one of a kind statement decor.

The supplies for this project are cheap and you can find them at any craft store! All you need is two variations of green and pink yarn and a large needle.
The hardest piece to find would be a bucket chair, I found mine at a local garage sale for I believe $15.00. One thing I quickly learned was to double up your yarn, if you don’t you will be working on this for months. This project did take time and some patience but it ended up being so worth it. I started by working from the centre of the flower outward until I reached the lighter pink area. That is when I went ahead and made the leaves because I wanted the flower to overlap the leaves, for a little bit more finished look.

To finish out the project, I used a simpled slip knot to secure my yarn and recovered my seat with a fun buffalo check patterned fabric.

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XO, Whitney



Personalized Cinco de Mayo party favors

The pinatas are filled, the drinks are mixed, and we are ready for a FIESTA!

Cinco de Mayo is just days away and I hope you and your gals are planning one heck of a fiesta. When I laid eyes on these adorable wooden baskets, I knew they would make the cutest gifts for my best senoritas.


I found these adorable mini wooden baskets from Hobby Lobby in their spring shop. They are the perfect size for a place setting name tag or personalized gift. They come in an assortment of fun colors and are a great price!
To create these personalized Cactus baskets, I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to create the name decals. You can use paint, a paint pen or pre-packaged stickers.
I love using my Silhouette to create personalized decals, they are so easy to create and they look so cute!


When you are planting your Cactus, make sure you allow a proper draining system, since these wooden baskets don’t have holes at the bottom of them. So, you will want to line the bottom of the baskets with rocks or pebbles, then layer potting soil on top and around your plants.

I hope you have a wonderful, colorful and festive Cinco de Mayo!
XO, Whitney


Festive Cinco de Mayo Planter

Let’s Fiesta!

Gather up the gals, pour some margaritas, and let’s have ourselves a fiesta!
Create the perfect Cinco de Mayo decorations with this fun and festive pom-pom inspired planter.

I wanted to create a simple festive planter that anyone can make! This pom-pom inspired planter has that fun and playful look but can withstand the dirt, water, and sun that a plant requires.

These planters can be used to decorate the drink station, line your table as centerpieces,
or just as a fun pop of color around your home!

First, you will need 7-8 wood balls and an assortment of fun fiesta paint colors.
These wood balls have a flat bottom, which makes them easier to glue onto the pot.
Once you have painted the wood balls and let them dry, pick a plain terracotta pot
and attached the balls with a dab of hot glue.

Finally, add your favorite cactus or plant for a festive flair!

These planters were not only super easy to make but they cost less than $10.00!
Plus, they add that fun festive flair for your upcoming Cinco de Mayo party!

What are you looking forward to most for Cinco de Mayo? Tacos, endless margaritas or the excuse to wear your most festive outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned to see how to make these personalized succulent favors for all your fiesta guest!

XO, Whitney

Teen Girls Room Renovation

There comes a point in every young girl’s life when she wants to feel mature and have her own space where she can just be herself. That’s why when I was asked to do a room renovation that perfectly captured a young girls transition into her teen years, I was all in!
I don’t know about you, but growing up my room was my sanctuary. It’s where I laughed, cried, it was the keeper of all my juicy secrets and gossip between me and by best friends.

 I was given a group of colors and one specific request of gold dots on a wall. The rest was up to me and I did not want to disappoint.

See how I took this blank canvas and transitioned it into a teens dream!

Of the entire room renovation, the bed and this wall have to be my favorite before and after. This DIY fabric drape added so much to the area, it created such a warm and inviting feel. Our main goal with this drape was to create a purpose for all the colors and designs that were used throughout the room.
Not only was this project a huge statement piece within the room, it was a fairly simple project to complete. First I picked four fabrics that brought all the different colors and designs that flowed with the room.
As far as the amount goes, it really depends on the height of your ceilings. I would get an extra yard in addition to the length of your wall. (wall length + 3 feet)
Then I simply snipped 1in – 1.5 in section and ripped the fabric into strips lengthwise.

I wanted to create a little bit more texture, mainly to hide any imperfections. So once we attached the strips to the rod I knotted and tied different patterns together at various lengths.
I took two rods and tied the fabric to the first rod, then once I got all my strips on like I wanted I took the second rod and kept enough slack to create a nice swooping hang.
Then I attached the second rod in place.

Once you have your rods attached, just pull slightly to get the perfect swoop and touch up your fabric to make sure all your patterns are facing out.

Helpful Tip: Once I got everything how I wanted I took some extra strong duct tape and ran it across the bottom of the strips. This will help prevent the strips from falling.

To add that extra flare to the wall I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to create these fun gold vinyl dots. These are 2.5in round and they were the perfect size for this space.

Here are a few links to all the fun accessories we used for this section!

Blue Quilt from Target
Pink Fuzzy Throw Blanket from Target
Pink Fuzzy Throw Pillow from Target
Pink and White Dotted Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Blue Floral Print Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Gold Dotted Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Denim Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Pink and Gold Canvas Art from Hobby Lobby
Navy Blue Chalk Paint by Old Town Paints

These bookshelves really darkened the room, so we wanted to add a non-permanent solution to brighten them up!
There are several ways to achieve this look.  You can use removable wallpaper, fabric or even scrapbook paper. The sudden popularity of removable wallpaper would be the easiest option but can get pricey.
We actually used fabric, which I wouldn’t suggest being the first choice, but it was the best for our decor theme.

I have a detailed step by step coming up soon for another bookshelf project, so stay tuned for that.

Here are a few links to the products we used for the bookshelves:

Shibori Jersey Fabric from Hobby Lobby (I couldn’t find a link, sorry)
The baskets, face vase, and pictures were found at our TJ Max
White Velvet Pom Pom Pillow from Hobby Lobby

Anyone else love a fun gallery wall? I DO!
My number one suggestion when it comes to gallery walls is ALWAY layout your wall before you start hanging. I have royally screwed up too many walls by not laying them out.

Gallery walls can get expensive, but I came up with some cheaper filler pieces that add a personal touch and a cohesive look by pulling in already used colors or patterns from the room.

I covered a set of cheap canvases with the extra fabric that we used other places in the room.
Then I added an extra little touch by mixing some Fabric Mod Podge with some gold glitter and painted a heart onto one of the canvases.

Lastly, we created a spot to hang jackets, backpacks or purses. I found this door at a local thrift shop, gave it a fresh coat of paint and added some hooks.
This adds the perfect pop of color and functionality to the room.

Here is a list of links to the decor we used on this wall:
Gold Dot Lamp from Hobby Lobby
Framed Art from Hobby Lobby
Marquee Letter from Target
Wire Basket from Target ( I added the PomPoms)
Fuzzy White Stool from Hobby Lobby
Crystal Knobs from Hobby Lobby
Hooks on door from Hobby Lobby (I couldn’t find the link for these, sorry)


Let me know what your favorite part of this room was! Also, what was your favorite part of your childhood room?

XO, Whitney

Disclaimer: I know these photos are not 100% top quality, but I worked with what I had. So enjoy!

DIY Wicker Handbags

Okay, truth.
Listen, if there is a cute bag in the store, it’s like my senses just go off and my mind just takes me straight too it.

So when I saw these adorable wicker clutches at Michaels craft store I just had to get them!
They are the perfect DIY for spring. First of all, they are great quality! They are lined with fabric on the inside and super durable.
So, of course, I bought 3 and turned them into 3 different styles that would match any of my looks!

Bag number one is packed full of COLOR! 
With a little patience and some paint,
you can create this unique looking bag that goes with ANY outfit!

First, you just need to grab a few supplies:
Wicker Clutch
A colorful array of paints 
Paint Brushes

Pick out your colors, you will need 11-12.
I chose 11 because I left one of the stripes the natural wicker color.

Next, you need to layout your paint in what order you want it painted on your bag. That way you don’t get halfway through and realize you put the yellow where you wanted the pink.
What is so great about this project is that the ridges make it super easy to paint and keep straight.

TIP: Start from the top, it reduced the risk of the color bleeding onto the next line.

Let Dry and Enjoy!

Bag Number Two is simple and sweet!
You will need: 
Wicker Handbag
Pom Pom Trim
Fabric Glue 

This is SO easy and makes the cutest addition to a fun spring outfit.
Take your pom pom trim and use fabric glue to attach the trim to the inside of the clutch flap.


Bag Number Three
In my opinion, this is the more chic looking of the three bags.

You will need:
Wicker Bag
Jump Rings
Rose iron-on appliques

The first step, use your pliers to poke a hole in the bag where you want your jump ring. It’s super easy to poke through the bag I used. If you use a different bag you may need some type of knife.

Step number two, attach your jump ring. You will see that I used a bigger size jump ring to be able to go easily around the bag.

Step three, measure out your chain. I wanted a crossbody look so my chain was pretty long, but you can measure the size you desire.

Step 4, attach the chain to your jump ring.

Next, take your iron on roses and simply iron them on to your bag.
I put a towel over my appliques so that the iron wasn’t directly on the wicker bag.

This actually worked really well. If there are any corners that aren’t sticking, just dab a little fabric or hot glue to securely attach those.

And you’re done! Wasnt that simple?

This was such a fun project and they were SO SIMPLE!
Let me know what your favorite bag was in the comments!

XO, Whitney

My Top Easter Basket Picks

Hip, Hop, Horray!

Okay, please tell me that I am not the only one who misses the good old days where you would wake up on Easter morning, wipe the sleep from your eyes and look over on your nightstand to see that glorious candy-filled basket that the Easter bunny left for you the night before!
Surely I am not the only one!
These days I could pass on the jelly bean eggs and 2lb solid chocolate bunny, but I wouldn’t mind a sweet smelling candle or a sparkling bottle of Rose hidden in that basket full of faux grass.

Why do these fun childhood traditions have to die off as we grow older?
Wouldnt it be fun to surprise your sister, mom, aunt or bff with a fun adult styled Easter basket that is sure to bring that childhood smile to their face?
Take a look at my top adult inspired Easter basket picks!

1. Fresh Flowers.
This is always a good start to any gift.

                                                                 2. These mini bottles of Rose’ are the CUTEST!

3. A sweet smelling candle like this Spring Eden Candle Tin from Anthropologie.

                     4. These AMAZING Robins Egg Carmel from Sugarfina,
they are so FREAKING GOOD!
You won’t be able to stop once you start, I am just warning you now.

5. A fun colorful nail polish, like this one from Essie.
My favorite polish shade is Lovie Dovie Pink 

6. This is a new favorite of mine the Laura Mercier Honey Bath.
It leaves your skin feeling amazing!

7. No Easter basket is complete without Easter eggs.
These adorable Gingham Dyed eggs by The Blondielocks, are the cutest!

What are some of your adult inspired Easter basket dreams? Maybe some fun jewelry, a pair of fuzzy socks, or a new pair of spring shoes.
We can still dream, right? Let me know all your Easter basket dreams in the comments!

XO, Whitney

Painted Buttercream Cake

Oh, happy day!

It seems like there is always a party to go to, birthday to celebrate, or holiday to prepare for, but never enough time! As we scroll through Pinterest and scan our Instagram feeds it’s hard to not see all these beautifully decorated cakes or mouth-watering treats, and we think to ourselves
“Yeah right! I can’t do that!”
But what if I told you, with just a few steps and a little creativity I have a simple way to create a cute and colorful treat that is sure to impress everyone at your next get together!

Here are a few things you will need to transform this plain cake into a fun and festive treat!

First, you will need to bake (or buy) your favorite cake recipe and ice with a plain white icing.

Then grab your favorite icing, separate into smaller bowls and add fun colored food dye!

You will also need something to apply your icing with, I used these plastic palette knives.
If you prefer a spatula, that works too! I just found that using the palette knives creates a unique look.

Here is a short video to show exactly how I applied my painted icing strokes to my cake!

I told you it was simple!
Look how pretty and fun this cake turned out!

You are sure to impress at your next get together with this simple and beautiful cake!
What is your favorite cake flavor? Let me know in the comments!

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Until next time!
XO, Whitney

Easter Wall Art

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and Spring is here!
Goodbye winter blues, hello Springs smiles! I love that rush of motivation I get when the weather starts warming up and there is finally life blooming outside our windows in the form of colorful flowers.

When spring comes, that means Easter is just around the corner and with the colorful life blooming outside it’s time to brighten up our walls with some Easter Wall Art.

Here is how I created these colorful and budget-friendly art pieces all with supplies from
Michaels Craft Store!

First, you will need an array of colorful and fun scrapbook paper.

Next, I cut my pieces of paper into 1/2 inch strips.

Then I printed off a simple Easter Egg outline.

Carefully, I cut out the Easter Egg with an X-Acto knife.

I took another print out of the Easter Egg outline as a guide and taped down the cut strips of scrapbook paper.

Once you have taped down all the strips of scrapbook paper, use the previously cut out Easter Egg and tape that down over the colorful patterned paper.

Pop into a cute frame and you have the perfect colorful pieces of art to brighten up your wall!

What is your favorite thing about Spring? Is it the chance to finally get some spring cleaning done, or is it being able to spend time with family outdoors? Let me know in the comments!

Also, I would love to see what fun Easter wall art you make! Make sure to tag @gracefully_inspired_designs on Instagram or leave a comment below with your handle so I can see all the creative projects YOU make!

Happy Spring!
XO, Whitney

I have linked all the supplies I used below!

Gold Dot Scrapbook Paper
Pink Cutting Mat
X-Acto Knife
Tombow Tape Runners
White 8×10 Frames

DIY Wicker Basket Makeovers

Happy Monday Friends!

I can’t wait for you to dive into this fun DIY!  I LOVE a good wicker basket, I have way more than I need.
I put magazines in them, use them for my throw pillows and blankets, even keep my dogs’ toys in them!
But after awhile, I get tired of all my baskets looking the same. So, I have come up with two fun basket makeovers, both with totally different styles!

Basket Number One
If your style is more unique, colorful and eclectic, then this basket is perfect for you!
I paired these colorful pom poms with the light and airy basket to create the perfect touch to your colorful space.

A wicker basket.
I found mine at a craft store on the sale rack. You can use any basket you like!
Some bright colored pom poms
Scissors and Hot Glue

If you don’t know how to make these pom poms, I used the Clover pom pom maker tool. It rocks!

Step One:
Cut small pieces of felt into circles, about the size of your pompoms.

Step Two:
Hot glue the felt pieces to the pompoms. This helps secure the pom pom to the basket nicely.

Step Three:
Just add your pom poms to the basket with a dab of hot glue.


You can use this basket for your fun books, a cute wastebasket, or to store your comfy throw blankets.

Basket Number Two
If you’re looking for more of a neutral look you can go with this dark stained basket with leather handles and large cream pom pom accents.

Basket (obviously)

A wood stain
I found this Rustoleum wood stain and I LOVE IT! It is perfect for little projects like this, I just applied it with a sponge brush. It went on great and dried really well.

Yarn to make pom poms
Like before, I used felt cutouts to help secure the pom pom to the basket.

Leather Strips
I used these strips from Michaels, they come as one long strip but I cut two 10.5in pieces for the handles.

Scissors and Hot Glue

Step One:
Use your sponge brush to apply the Rustoleum wood stain to your basket.
Note: I went ahead and removed my handles for this process since we will be adding the leather straps later.

Step Two: 
Make your pom poms.
I use the second to the largest size of the Clover pom pom makers.

Step Three:
Hot glue your pom poms to your basket.
Like before, I used a small felt circle to attach the pom pom to the basket.

Step Four:
I cut the leather strap into two 10.5in strips and used hot glue to attach them to the basket.

Again, there are a million ways we can use a pretty wicker basket! What are some of your favorite ways?

So, what style are you? The quirky and colorful or the simple and neutral?
Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

XO, Whitney

Thrive Creative Conference 2018

Hello Everyone!

Wow, what a weekend! I attended the Thrive Creative Conference in Austin, Texas this weekend and it was amazing. Honestly, amazing doesn’t even come close to describing how wonderful it was. I was so impressed by the planning, passion, and execution of the Thrive team. I am forever grateful.  I will hopefully be attending every year!

I want to share a few of the amazing things that made this weekend so awesome. Now, these are just material things, and this weekend was about SO MUCH MORE! If I could have captured the internal inspiration and the power of these women I would share it with everyone, but that amount of knowledge and #girlboss in one room is something I cannot just simply write in a blog post.

“Great people DO THINGS before they’re ready.” – Amy Poehler 

The first night in Austin, Texas they treated us to a fun night full of sweets, cocktails, and networking at the beautifully colorful

 Erin Condren Store. 

I am obsessed with these color stairs! 

We had the opportunity to walk around the store and find some goodies and these are these are the beauties that I picked out!

Colorful Pocket Folders

Two paperback notebooks, I love these because I am constantly taking notes and these have a great side column to write down like a shopping list or to do list!

Washi Tape

Sticker Pack, I love these mini circle stickers! I use them to color code my planner!

And this awesome magnetized page marker!

Now, I am going to be totally honest with you.


I know we all have to do it, and it is SO important to create a community of like-minded people to grow your business.

Although the store was beautiful and the event was set up perfectly, I was miserable.

I walked into that store with my brand new outfit, perfectly picked out lipstick color, hair on point and felt like a fish out of water. I panicked, like total panic. I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life. (Anxiety can be a bit of a drama queen)

I walked around, didn’t really talk much and ended up leaving early. The entire rest of the night I was SO MAD at myself. “WHY?! Why did I do that?! I came all the way to Austin, Texas and I was finally surrounded by people who were in the same boat as me. And I froze, didn’t talk to hardly anyone and I just wasted my time. What is my problem!? ” My internal dialogue with myself the rest of the night was horrible, terrible and something that if anyone else would say to me I would want to punch them in the throat.

So why was I saying it to myself?

Day Two

I walked into Day Two, excited and cautious.  I didn’t know what to expect and DID NOT want that Drama Queen Anexity to come back and ruin my experience.

When I walked in I found my spot, got my notebook out and quietly waited…

Then the Queen of Thrive, Bree Pair, stood up and one of the first phrases out of her mouth was “You really are good enough, pretty enough, and strong enough” -Al Carraway.  So that’s when I took that deep breath of relief and said: ” You can do this Whitney.”

Now I am not saying that all this anxiety was gone and I was good to go, NO, I was still wanting to throw up all day. But I decided right then I was not going to continue to tear myself down and beat myself up because if I do that to myself then why would anyone else believe in me?

Every detail in that room was perfectly planned out in all its Instagram worthy way.

Above, is part of an AMAZING giveaway I won from Jane. They were the sweetest gals I have ever met! If you have not checked out, you have too. They have everything you could need like clothes, accessories, home decor, and baby.

Below is just a FEW of the bomb swag that Thrive blessed us with including:

Belong Magazine, Emily Ley Planner, Lauren James Tumbler, Marley Lilly Earrings, Tula Lotion, and a Planoly Notebook and Bag

Just when I thought that the day couldn’t get any better, THEN THIS HAPPENED!

Yeah, this is Studio DIY’s Kelly and Jeff Mindell. It was a huge moment to hear one of my biggest inspirations speak to us about how they did it and how they made their dreams come true. Talk about lighting a fire under you!

She said something that will forever stick with me…

“If you’re not scared, you have waited too long.” 

So in review, I had an amazing time and I HIGHLY recommend this conference to anyone who is thinking about, just starting or have been doing a blog for years. It was amazing. My biggest take away is that EVERYONE is scared and MOST people don’t know what they are doing.

If you wake up, show up and DO THE WORK, you won’t fail, because YOU gave it all you had. And for that, you should be proud.

XO, Whitney

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