Welcome back and Merry Christmas!

I am so excited to share a quick and easy holiday project with you!

These chalkboard snowflakes are a HIT this year at my house! If you are anything like me you are constantly changing your mind when it comes to decor! I hate to admit it but if you were to randomly stop by my house I would probably be doing one of two things, taking a nap or redecorating something or another. I love changing things up around the house, whether it’s adding new trinkets to the living room coffee table or completely rearranging the bedroom furniture. Odds are you will never see my house decorated the same way twice.


So when I ran across the Valspar Chalkboard Paint, I knew I was going to love it.

(Now this is not to be confused with CHALK paint, this is strictly to alter any surface into a CHALKBOARD writing surface)

This paint can change any surface into a writable chalkboard surface! Which is perfect for writing fun notes, holiday menus, or counting down the days till Santa comes! It is super easy to clean and rewrite on and comes with a HUGE selection of colors!

Here are a few ways I decided to use the Valspar Chalkboard Paint for my holiday decorating.

A holiday menu, listing all my favorite foods and a unique door hanger are just a couple ideas!

If you are wanting to create a fun chalkboard holiday project like these, here are a few easy steps I took to complete this chalkboard finish!


– Surface, I used a cute wood snowflake cut out that I purchased at a local craft store

– Foam paint brushes

– The Valspar Chalkboard Paint

– Chalk

Note: I did not prime my surface. However, I did play around with some priming and applying techniques to different surfaces. My suggestion would be to practice the same techniques with this paint as you would any other paint. So, if you are wanting to paint over a really bold color or uneven color I would suggest priming your surface.

Step 1: Paint Surface

Use your foam brush and apply an even coat to your surface. I applied two coats to my snowflakes, allowing them to dry completely in between each coat.

Step 2: Let Dry

Make sure to allow your paint to thoroughly dry before you begin prepping your surface with chalk.

Step 3: Prep Surface with Chalk

This is a huge step ANYTIME you are wanting to write on a chalkboard surface. It is important to prep your surface with a dusting of chalk before you write on it. This allows you to wipe away anything you write easily without the word forever being etched into your chalkboard.

Just take your chalk and dust across the entire surface, then just take a paper towel and lightly remove the excess chalk.

Step 4: Write On!

Get creative! The best part is if you mess up just wipe away and start again!


As you can see with a couple more supplies I transformed my snowflakes into completely different projects!


I can’t wait to continue to use this awesome product throughout the year! Let me know what fun and creative things you make using this fun product!

XO, Whitney

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