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Something you may not know about me is my love of antique, vintage, or just older furniture. I love finding “junk” and revamping it into something fun and colourful. That’s why when I found this woven back bucket chair I had to snag it! I love this style of chair, but the orange patterned seat and plain brown wood weren’t working for me. So, I decided to spruce up this out of style piece and turn it into a one of a kind statement decor.

The supplies for this project are cheap and you can find them at any craft store! All you need is two variations of green and pink yarn and a large needle.
The hardest piece to find would be a bucket chair, I found mine at a local garage sale for I believe $15.00. One thing I quickly learned was to double up your yarn, if you don’t you will be working on this for months. This project did take time and some patience but it ended up being so worth it. I started by working from the centre of the flower outward until I reached the lighter pink area. That is when I went ahead and made the leaves because I wanted the flower to overlap the leaves, for a little bit more finished look.

To finish out the project, I used a simpled slip knot to secure my yarn and recovered my seat with a fun buffalo check patterned fabric.

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XO, Whitney



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