Happy Monday Friends!

I can’t wait for you to dive into this fun DIY!  I LOVE a good wicker basket, I have way more than I need.
I put magazines in them, use them for my throw pillows and blankets, even keep my dogs’ toys in them!
But after awhile, I get tired of all my baskets looking the same. So, I have come up with two fun basket makeovers, both with totally different styles!

Basket Number One
If your style is more unique, colorful and eclectic, then this basket is perfect for you!
I paired these colorful pom poms with the light and airy basket to create the perfect touch to your colorful space.

A wicker basket.
I found mine at a craft store on the sale rack. You can use any basket you like!
Some bright colored pom poms
Scissors and Hot Glue

If you don’t know how to make these pom poms, I used the Clover pom pom maker tool. It rocks!

Step One:
Cut small pieces of felt into circles, about the size of your pompoms.

Step Two:
Hot glue the felt pieces to the pompoms. This helps secure the pom pom to the basket nicely.

Step Three:
Just add your pom poms to the basket with a dab of hot glue.


You can use this basket for your fun books, a cute wastebasket, or to store your comfy throw blankets.

Basket Number Two
If you’re looking for more of a neutral look you can go with this dark stained basket with leather handles and large cream pom pom accents.

Basket (obviously)

A wood stain
I found this Rustoleum wood stain and I LOVE IT! It is perfect for little projects like this, I just applied it with a sponge brush. It went on great and dried really well.

Yarn to make pom poms
Like before, I used felt cutouts to help secure the pom pom to the basket.

Leather Strips
I used these strips from Michaels, they come as one long strip but I cut two 10.5in pieces for the handles.

Scissors and Hot Glue

Step One:
Use your sponge brush to apply the Rustoleum wood stain to your basket.
Note: I went ahead and removed my handles for this process since we will be adding the leather straps later.

Step Two: 
Make your pom poms.
I use the second to the largest size of the Clover pom pom makers.

Step Three:
Hot glue your pom poms to your basket.
Like before, I used a small felt circle to attach the pom pom to the basket.

Step Four:
I cut the leather strap into two 10.5in strips and used hot glue to attach them to the basket.

Again, there are a million ways we can use a pretty wicker basket! What are some of your favorite ways?

So, what style are you? The quirky and colorful or the simple and neutral?
Let me know in the comments!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

XO, Whitney

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