Okay, truth.
Listen, if there is a cute bag in the store, it’s like my senses just go off and my mind just takes me straight too it.

So when I saw these adorable wicker clutches at Michaels craft store I just had to get them!
They are the perfect DIY for spring. First of all, they are great quality! They are lined with fabric on the inside and super durable.
So, of course, I bought 3 and turned them into 3 different styles that would match any of my looks!

Bag number one is packed full of COLOR! 
With a little patience and some paint,
you can create this unique looking bag that goes with ANY outfit!

First, you just need to grab a few supplies:
Wicker Clutch
A colorful array of paints 
Paint Brushes

Pick out your colors, you will need 11-12.
I chose 11 because I left one of the stripes the natural wicker color.

Next, you need to layout your paint in what order you want it painted on your bag. That way you don’t get halfway through and realize you put the yellow where you wanted the pink.
What is so great about this project is that the ridges make it super easy to paint and keep straight.

TIP: Start from the top, it reduced the risk of the color bleeding onto the next line.

Let Dry and Enjoy!

Bag Number Two is simple and sweet!
You will need: 
Wicker Handbag
Pom Pom Trim
Fabric Glue 

This is SO easy and makes the cutest addition to a fun spring outfit.
Take your pom pom trim and use fabric glue to attach the trim to the inside of the clutch flap.


Bag Number Three
In my opinion, this is the more chic looking of the three bags.

You will need:
Wicker Bag
Jump Rings
Rose iron-on appliques

The first step, use your pliers to poke a hole in the bag where you want your jump ring. It’s super easy to poke through the bag I used. If you use a different bag you may need some type of knife.

Step number two, attach your jump ring. You will see that I used a bigger size jump ring to be able to go easily around the bag.

Step three, measure out your chain. I wanted a crossbody look so my chain was pretty long, but you can measure the size you desire.

Step 4, attach the chain to your jump ring.

Next, take your iron on roses and simply iron them on to your bag.
I put a towel over my appliques so that the iron wasn’t directly on the wicker bag.

This actually worked really well. If there are any corners that aren’t sticking, just dab a little fabric or hot glue to securely attach those.

And you’re done! Wasnt that simple?

This was such a fun project and they were SO SIMPLE!
Let me know what your favorite bag was in the comments!

XO, Whitney

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