There is nothing better than receiving some good old fashioned snail mail! Now I’m not talking electricity bills and advertisements snail mail, I am talking about the kind from a friend just to say “I am thinking about you” or “Congratulations on that awesome promotion! Yay, you!”. There are endless reasons to send someone a handwritten letter of encouragement. Especially this time of year, so close to Valentines Day, the day we want to show our true appreciation for the ones we love most.

Now, personalized stationery and everyday greeting cards can add up quickly, and sometimes running back to the store for just a card doesn’t sound the most appealing. That is one of the reasons I like to keep a stack of colorful plain envelopes around and add that personal flair according to who I am sending my snail mail to.

Adding fun and colorful envelope liners to different envelopes adds that extra special surprise when they open up their mail! The possibilities are endless!

The process is very easy. The hardest part is figuring out how to fit all you want to say on the card! Here is how I create my personalized envelope liners.

So before you run out and spend $$$$$ on cards, use your creativity and brighten someones day with some colorful custom snail mail!

XO, Whitney

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