Happy Friday!

It might sound cliche but I LOVE THE WEEKENDS! There is just something about waking up Saturday morning and just living your best life. For me that usually looks like cuddling with my husband, playing with our pups and if I’m lucky hitting some pretty awesome garage sales. I’m ready for garage sale weather to come to Oklahoma.

To kick off this glorious weekend, I have put together a few of my favorite things for this week!

Check them outtt!

  1. Studio DIY’s February “FUNDAY” Clutch! All of her clutches are the best, but I am really loving this months clutch!
  2. Classy Clutters Modern Ranch Reno, I just want to give this room renovation all the heart eyes! I am obsessed with these girls! This accent wall is just amazing.
  3. This is an Oklahoma City Local, they did the cutest Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. They are from the Plant Shoppe, they are amazing!
  4. This quote! This is something I have really had to learn, I didn’t realize how hateful I was to myself for so long. It is something I struggle with daily and I am continuously working on.
  5. I love these earrings from JillMakes! They are so FUN! Perfect for the weekend.
  6. Confetti. Period. I. Love. It.
  7. Okay yall! This cake is TO. DIE. FOR. It is from another OKC Local, The Jones Assembly. My husband and I always joke about how embarrassing it is when I get to talking about this cake because I love it. I totally geek out over it. It’s wonderful.

That wraps up my Friday Favorites! I hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled, relaxing weekend. Take time to recharge your mind and body for another week!

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XO, Whitney

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