If I am being honest, I am a huge sucker for a good gingerbread cookie! Ugh just sitting here writing this is making my mouth water. I love gingerbread cookies! Nothing says Christmas time like a warm fire, hot cup of tea, and a gingerbread cookie. Am I right?

So it only makes sense for these Holly Jolly Gingerbread make it to my top 5 Christmas treat list! They are so moist and yummy, and that hit of chocolate is just to die for!

I have tried several different gingerbread recipes and yes they are all really great. I love softer gingerbread cookies and I found that the Pillsbury Gingerbread cookie mix is really really yummy, and bonus it’s super easy.

I just dip each cookie into the melted almond bark and add a little holly flair!

These are great tasting and they are super festive looking!

What is your all-time favorite cookie? Do you have a Christmas favorite?

XO, Whitney

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