Hip, Hop, Horray!

Okay, please tell me that I am not the only one who misses the good old days where you would wake up on Easter morning, wipe the sleep from your eyes and look over on your nightstand to see that glorious candy-filled basket that the Easter bunny left for you the night before!
Surely I am not the only one!
These days I could pass on the jelly bean eggs and 2lb solid chocolate bunny, but I wouldn’t mind a sweet smelling candle or a sparkling bottle of Rose hidden in that basket full of faux grass.

Why do these fun childhood traditions have to die off as we grow older?
Wouldnt it be fun to surprise your sister, mom, aunt or bff with a fun adult styled Easter basket that is sure to bring that childhood smile to their face?
Take a look at my top adult inspired Easter basket picks!

1. Fresh Flowers.
This is always a good start to any gift.

                                                                 2. These mini bottles of Rose’ are the CUTEST!

3. A sweet smelling candle like this Spring Eden Candle Tin from Anthropologie.

                     4. These AMAZING Robins Egg Carmel from Sugarfina,
they are so FREAKING GOOD!
You won’t be able to stop once you start, I am just warning you now.

5. A fun colorful nail polish, like this one from Essie.
My favorite polish shade is Lovie Dovie Pink 

6. This is a new favorite of mine the Laura Mercier Honey Bath.
It leaves your skin feeling amazing!

7. No Easter basket is complete without Easter eggs.
These adorable Gingham Dyed eggs by The Blondielocks, are the cutest!

What are some of your adult inspired Easter basket dreams? Maybe some fun jewelry, a pair of fuzzy socks, or a new pair of spring shoes.
We can still dream, right? Let me know all your Easter basket dreams in the comments!

XO, Whitney

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