DIY Hair Combs


Hello there beautiful!

I hope you are having a great week so far! Good news, we made it through MONDAY! Yay, us!

Today I have a super fun, cheap and stylish tutorial for you! I always see these beautiful crystal hair pieces and I am just like “Wowza I want one!” Then I take a look at the price and my jaw drops and I think “Ehhh better not”.  Well, I was doing my weekly stroll through Michael’s Craft Store (usually right after my weekly Target stroll, lol ) and spotted this stunning string of crystals and they reminded me exactly of the crystals I see on these beautiful boutique hair combs! So I decided to recreate those exact hair accessories plus a little extra!

I bought all my supplies at Michael’s Craft Store and it cost me less than $15.00!

I have attached the link to each specific product that I used below.

Here is how I created these boutique-inspired DIY Crystal Hair Combs!



String of Crystals

Hair Comb 


Lay out your crystals in the order that you want them on your comb. Then use your wire to string them together.


Wrap your wire around one of the teeth on the comb to secure it. Then pull your jewels taunt in the spot you want them.


Wrap your wire in all different directions, securing each crystal tightly.

When you’re finished, make sure you wrap your wire around its self to secure your crystal to the comb nicely!

TaDa! You have a beautiful boutique looking hair comb and you only spent $15.00! You GO GIRL! 

If you’re like me, you won’t just stop at one hair comb! So here are two more fun comb ideas I came up with!

This colorful gem comb is just of couple old earrings that I have not worn in a long time. So, I just popped off the backs and used some glue to attach them to the comb!

And of course I had to make myself a sassy pompom comb! How fun is this?

I just grabbed a handful of pompoms and attached them with some hot glue. 

I hope you enjoyed this fun hair comb tutorial! Let me know if you make any and what fun supplies you used!

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XO, Whitney

Spa Night Essentials

Happy Sunday all!

I hope this weekend you accomplished all those chores that were stacking up! And of course, I hope you enjoyed a good brunch, movie or some laughs with friends. After all, that IS what the weekend is for!

Sometimes on Sundays, I like to turn on a relaxing Spotify playlist, light a candle (or ten) and treat myself to a spa night. So this Sunday I decided to do just that. It was the perfect time for me to reflect and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Usually when someone says “spa” I think “dolla dolla bills $$$” but I have come up with my top DIY Spa Night Essentials that don’t break the bank but hit the spot when it comes to relaxation!

First, I light all the candles my bathroom can hold. One that smells super yummy, which is usually Mineral Springs by Bath & Body Works.

Then I light a bunch of pretty white unscented candles around my tub!

My next step is to just wash away the day. I love the feeling of a clean face.

These are just my daily facial cleansers, no this is not an Ad, but I swear by all of these products.

Next, I run a HOT bath, add some bubbles and Mr. Teals Epsom salt.

While my bath is running I like to put on some kind of facial mask.

My current favorite is I Dew Care “Disco Kitten” it works great and it’s a fun iridescent color!

This is a peel off mask and I swear every time I use it my skin just glows after.

Another favorite is these pink Himalayan salt rocks, I also purchased these from Bath & Body Works.

I am not a huge fan of bath bombs, I know I am probably the only person in the world but they are too messy!

These rocks you can use over and over until they completely dissolve, but you just throw them in your bath and they last a long time!

Now, this is something I have just started getting into and I don’t know why I never used a body scrub before!

They are great! My skin has been so smooth and feels so moisturized! This one is great, it is from Ulta.

After I get out of the bath I throw on a sheet mask and some comfy sweats.

I love a good sheet mask, don’t we all?

These are new at Bath & Body Works, and WOW they are fantastic!

While I have my sheet mask on, sometimes I like to give myself a manicure.

Now I am a 100% nail salon go-er, but sometimes I like to change up my color. So if I am feeling confident I will paint my nails.

Does anyone else just panic when it comes time to paint with their non-dominant hand? No, just me? Okay.

Lastly, I moisturize!

Which in my opinion is THE MOST IMPORTANT step!

I have super sensitive skin and the Cetaphil lotion works the best for me. I know it doesn’t look the prettiest or have that vanilla or flowery scent but it keeps my skin hydrated and healthy feeling!

Another one of my favorite hydrating products in the Neutrogena Hydro Boost facial cream. YAS! It is my ride or die facial cream!

I 100% suggest treating yourself to a DIY Spa Night! You deserve it! What are some of your favorite products to use? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!

XO, Whitney


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

It might sound cliche but I LOVE THE WEEKENDS! There is just something about waking up Saturday morning and just living your best life. For me that usually looks like cuddling with my husband, playing with our pups and if I’m lucky hitting some pretty awesome garage sales. I’m ready for garage sale weather to come to Oklahoma.

To kick off this glorious weekend, I have put together a few of my favorite things for this week!

Check them outtt!

  1. Studio DIY’s February “FUNDAY” Clutch! All of her clutches are the best, but I am really loving this months clutch!
  2. Classy Clutters Modern Ranch Reno, I just want to give this room renovation all the heart eyes! I am obsessed with these girls! This accent wall is just amazing.
  3. This is an Oklahoma City Local, they did the cutest Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. They are from the Plant Shoppe, they are amazing!
  4. This quote! This is something I have really had to learn, I didn’t realize how hateful I was to myself for so long. It is something I struggle with daily and I am continuously working on.
  5. I love these earrings from JillMakes! They are so FUN! Perfect for the weekend.
  6. Confetti. Period. I. Love. It.
  7. Okay yall! This cake is TO. DIE. FOR. It is from another OKC Local, The Jones Assembly. My husband and I always joke about how embarrassing it is when I get to talking about this cake because I love it. I totally geek out over it. It’s wonderful.

That wraps up my Friday Favorites! I hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled, relaxing weekend. Take time to recharge your mind and body for another week!

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XO, Whitney

Be Mine

Who doesn’t love a good set of paper party products? Let me say, I have an overwhelming stash of unique and colorful paper products, they are for sure a weakness of mine!

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, it was the perfect time to grab some new fun Valentines decor and throw me and my Valentine a little party! These Meri Meri party decorations are one of my FAVORITES. Can we all just agree that they are one of the best companies out there!

So here is little peek at my take on a Valentine’s Day party for me and my hubby.

These cute cactus plates are the PERFECT dessert plate, they add a fun and quirky flair to any set-up.

And these mini heart pinatas are packed full of fun confetti and little surprises!

I think my favorite find this year were these smoochy lip napkins! How CUTE!

What is your favorite Valentine decoration? Thanks for taking a peek at my party, I hope you enjoyed!

XO, Whitney

Envelope Liners

There is nothing better than receiving some good old fashioned snail mail! Now I’m not talking electricity bills and advertisements snail mail, I am talking about the kind from a friend just to say “I am thinking about you” or “Congratulations on that awesome promotion! Yay, you!”. There are endless reasons to send someone a handwritten letter of encouragement. Especially this time of year, so close to Valentines Day, the day we want to show our true appreciation for the ones we love most.

Now, personalized stationery and everyday greeting cards can add up quickly, and sometimes running back to the store for just a card doesn’t sound the most appealing. That is one of the reasons I like to keep a stack of colorful plain envelopes around and add that personal flair according to who I am sending my snail mail to.

Adding fun and colorful envelope liners to different envelopes adds that extra special surprise when they open up their mail! The possibilities are endless!

The process is very easy. The hardest part is figuring out how to fit all you want to say on the card! Here is how I create my personalized envelope liners.

So before you run out and spend $$$$$ on cards, use your creativity and brighten someones day with some colorful custom snail mail!

XO, Whitney

Chocolate Christmas Trees

Are you a salty or sweet type of gal? Or are you like me and love a perfectly blended salty and sweet treat? Chocolate covered pretzels are good any time of year, but for these cute treats, I decided to add a festive flair. These are sure to add a pop of color and flair to your Christmas spread. With just a couple ingredients and little prep time, you can whip up dozens of these sweets for any holiday party!

All you need is:

– Pretzel Sticks

– Chocolate

– Sprinkles

1. Start by laying out wax paper on a cookie sheet

2. Lay out your pretzel sticks about 3in apart

3. Take a spoon and dip it into your melted chocolate, scooping up just a little amount

4. Begin drizzling the chocolate back and forth, starting with large strokes and gradually getting smaller over your pretzel. Creating a Christmas Tree shape. Sometimes it takes a couple layers to get the right look.

5. Add Sprinkles

6. Put the baking sheet into the freezer for a few moments until chocolate has hardened.


So what are you, a salty or sweet treat type of gal?

XO, Whitney 

Holly Jolly Gingerbread

If I am being honest, I am a huge sucker for a good gingerbread cookie! Ugh just sitting here writing this is making my mouth water. I love gingerbread cookies! Nothing says Christmas time like a warm fire, hot cup of tea, and a gingerbread cookie. Am I right?

So it only makes sense for these Holly Jolly Gingerbread make it to my top 5 Christmas treat list! They are so moist and yummy, and that hit of chocolate is just to die for!

I have tried several different gingerbread recipes and yes they are all really great. I love softer gingerbread cookies and I found that the Pillsbury Gingerbread cookie mix is really really yummy, and bonus it’s super easy.

I just dip each cookie into the melted almond bark and add a little holly flair!

These are great tasting and they are super festive looking!

What is your all-time favorite cookie? Do you have a Christmas favorite?

XO, Whitney

Merry Marshmallows

Welcome back, I am so glad you are here!

The baking season has begun for most of us! I know I have been stocking up on powdered sugar, butter, and sprinkles every time I go to the store in preparation for the biggest baking season of the year.

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite Christmas treats! To start, I have these adorable Merry Marshmallows! These are a HUGE hit with the kiddos in my family, they all love them! I try to make a version of these for every holiday or get together we have. They are super simple and relatively clean for the kiddos to munch on.


The supplies for these treats are super simple, all you need are:

– Paper straws or some kind of stick

– Marshmallows, I use the jumbo campfire kind

– Melted chocolate

– Sprinkles

The process is very easy. Even the kiddos can join in on the making of these festive treats!

1. Stick your marshmallow onto your straw

2. Melt chocolate

3. Dip your marshmallow into the chocolate, make sure you shake any excess off

4. Dip into your sprinkles

See, I told you it was easy.

I use different types of sprinkles and decorations to create a festive touch to each marshmallow!


Have you started on any holiday day baking yet? Let me know what your favorite Christmas treat is!

XO, Whitney

Christmas Table Setting

 Christmas is just right around the corner and that means dinner parties and a lot of laughter with friends and family.

In preparation for my holiday hosting I have come up with four main elements that I like to plan my table-setting around.  Serve ware, drink ware, personalization and a charming detail. Take a look on how I used these four main elements to create a fun and colorful table!

             Number One: Serveware

I found these adorable Joy plates from Anthropologie, they are the perfect amount of quirky and color that my table needed. They have a great selection of holiday table decor and serve ware.

I layered these with a gold chargers, a fun holiday wreath, turquoise Fiestaware dinner plate and a fun napkin. I love mixing textures and colors in differnt layers. 

Number Two: Fun Drinkware 

I found these adorable cocktail glasses on Amazon. I paired them with some of my vintage glassware and they worked perfect together to create a fun unique look. You can find these cocktail glasses here.

PS: This Mistletoe Punch recipe from A Beautiful Mess is super delish!

Number Three: Personal Touch

For my personal touch on this table setting I used the Hearth & Hand place card holders that I found at Target. These are by far one of my favorite place card options, because you can change out the names with different paper and fonts creating totally differntly looks everytime. It also has a chalkboard on the back, so the possibilities are endless with these beauties.

Number Four: Charming Detail

I found these charming little bottle brush trees from an adorable Etsy shop called CrankyCakesShop, she has some really really cute things. These little trees added the perfect amount of color and texture to my table. I nestled them into a green garland layered with twinkle lights and miniature ornaments.

I had so much fun creating this table scape! I love using different colors, textures and layers to create fun table decor. I stuck to a pretty vintage inspired theme this year for my holiday decor, so bright colors and quirky details really inspired me for this project. Let me know what your holiday table scape themes are! Do you keep it simple or embellish with a lot of details? Whatever it is I am sure it is one of a kind and beautifully done! Remember to have fun and get creative!

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XO, Whitney

Chalkboard Paint

Welcome back and Merry Christmas!

I am so excited to share a quick and easy holiday project with you!

These chalkboard snowflakes are a HIT this year at my house! If you are anything like me you are constantly changing your mind when it comes to decor! I hate to admit it but if you were to randomly stop by my house I would probably be doing one of two things, taking a nap or redecorating something or another. I love changing things up around the house, whether it’s adding new trinkets to the living room coffee table or completely rearranging the bedroom furniture. Odds are you will never see my house decorated the same way twice.


So when I ran across the Valspar Chalkboard Paint, I knew I was going to love it.

(Now this is not to be confused with CHALK paint, this is strictly to alter any surface into a CHALKBOARD writing surface)

This paint can change any surface into a writable chalkboard surface! Which is perfect for writing fun notes, holiday menus, or counting down the days till Santa comes! It is super easy to clean and rewrite on and comes with a HUGE selection of colors!

Here are a few ways I decided to use the Valspar Chalkboard Paint for my holiday decorating.

A holiday menu, listing all my favorite foods and a unique door hanger are just a couple ideas!

If you are wanting to create a fun chalkboard holiday project like these, here are a few easy steps I took to complete this chalkboard finish!


– Surface, I used a cute wood snowflake cut out that I purchased at a local craft store

– Foam paint brushes

– The Valspar Chalkboard Paint

– Chalk

Note: I did not prime my surface. However, I did play around with some priming and applying techniques to different surfaces. My suggestion would be to practice the same techniques with this paint as you would any other paint. So, if you are wanting to paint over a really bold color or uneven color I would suggest priming your surface.

Step 1: Paint Surface

Use your foam brush and apply an even coat to your surface. I applied two coats to my snowflakes, allowing them to dry completely in between each coat.

Step 2: Let Dry

Make sure to allow your paint to thoroughly dry before you begin prepping your surface with chalk.

Step 3: Prep Surface with Chalk

This is a huge step ANYTIME you are wanting to write on a chalkboard surface. It is important to prep your surface with a dusting of chalk before you write on it. This allows you to wipe away anything you write easily without the word forever being etched into your chalkboard.

Just take your chalk and dust across the entire surface, then just take a paper towel and lightly remove the excess chalk.

Step 4: Write On!

Get creative! The best part is if you mess up just wipe away and start again!


As you can see with a couple more supplies I transformed my snowflakes into completely different projects!


I can’t wait to continue to use this awesome product throughout the year! Let me know what fun and creative things you make using this fun product!

XO, Whitney

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