12 ideas for Christmas gift wrap

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but is it okay to judge a gift by its wrapping? I say using pretty or unique gift wrapping is just adding that cherry on top.

I have put together a list of my top 12 Christmas gift wrapping ideas. You can find step-by-step tutorials to create these fun ideas or the websites where you can purchase a roll of these wrapping papers in the links below.


1. Mini Mail Advent Calendar – by Oh Happy Day

2. House Gift Wrap – by Harth & Hand at Target

3. Green and Blue Color Block Wrapping Paper – by Kailo Chic

4. Gingerbread House Paper Bag Gift Wrap – by Craftberry Bush

5. Printable Christmas Gift Wrap – by DIY Candy

6. Joy to the (Girl) World – Studio DIY

7. Inspirational Wrapping Paper – by Walk in Love

8. DIY Wreath Wrap – by Say Yes

9. DIY Pom-Pom Gift Wrap – by Southern State of Mind

10. DIY Paper Tree Wrap – by The Paper Mama

11. Presents -by Rifle Paper

12. DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper – by Boxwood Avenue


 I hope these gift wrapping ideas inspired you to get a jump start on your holiday wrapping.

Don’t forget to leave me a comment on YOUR favorite gift wrap!

XO, Whitney


Can you believe that we only have 5 Mondays until Christmas? That is literally blowing my mind right now. If you’re anything like me you want to enjoy the pretty decorations for as long as you possibly can. Yes, yes I know what you’re all thinking, but Whitney it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. I know. I love Thanksgiving and I say constantly that it is one of the most under-appreciated holidays but 5 MONDAYS people. FIVE. We have to start at least thinking about how we are going to decorate for Christmas. Lucky for you I have come up a few easy, inexpensive, DIY Christmas Tree Decorations.

FUN FACT: All of these decorations you can make while you’re lounging on the couch binge watching Hallmark movies. You’re welcome.


After I have fluffed my tree, spent about 100 hours untangling lights, and ran to the store a few times because that roll of lights that worked last year just decided to stop working, it’s time to decorate my Christmas Tree.

I like to stick to 3 decorating components:

1.  Anchor: I like to start with something large in mass that is going to help me hide any holes in my limbs. This is usually a wide ribbon or garland of some kind. I really like to use this as an anchor to set the foundation for the tree. It’s nice to tuck and fluff with whatever you use for this step to create a great shape for your tree.

2.  Ornaments: This is where I add all my ornaments. Don’t be shy to nestle some of those bad boys into the center of the tree. This again helps fill any holes your tree may have.

HELPFUL TRICK: I stick with size appropriate ornaments for the section of the tree I am working on. Meaning, I don’t stick the biggest ornament I have at the very top of my tree where it’s the smallest. I put those bigger ornaments on the bottom and work my way up with the smaller ones. Of course, it’s great to add a few smaller ornaments to the bottom to help fill in space.

3. Frilly Filler: Tinsel, picks, feathers, and small garlands. Think of these as the sprinkles on the cake.

With all that being said, those things can add up quickly ($$$$). With Christmas gifts to buy, a gal like you and me can’t always afford to buy all that fluff. So, I have put together some of my FAVORITE D.I.Y Christmas Tree Decorations that hit all the requirements on my decorating checklist, and better yet, they won’t break the bank.

Anchor:  Ribbon Candy Garland


– Felt by the yard, cut into 1″ strips

(I only have a 5ft tree, so depending on the size of your tree you might want to go wider.)

– Medium Rick Rack 1/2″

(Again, depending on your tree and felt strip size, this size may vary.)

– Fabric Glue

– Embroidery Thread

– Needle

– Scissors

Step 1: Glue Rick Rack to Felt

Take your 1″ cut felt strips and use your fabric glue to glue down your Rick Rack.

Let Dry

Step 2: Stich and Scrunch

Take your embroidery thread and needle and make large stitches – I went about every 3rd curve in the Rick Rack as a guide. Then scrunch the stitches together, creating that perfect “Ribbon Candy” look.

Make sure to tie off with a knot! 

Ornaments: Yarn PomPoms

PomPoms make the best ornaments! They can be made in any size and color and you can get a tree full of ornaments with just a couple bundles of yarn.


– Your choice of yarn. Get creative, don’t be afraid to use different weights, textures, and colors.

– Clover PomPom makers

If you don’t have these you need to get them. They are amazing! They are sold in two packs of two – the larger sizes in one pack and the smaller sizes in another. I bought mine at Michaels Craft Store. I will link them below, they are SO worth it!

  Small Pom Pom Makers & Large Pom Pom Makers

– Scissors

Step 1: Create your PomPoms

If you aren’t familiar with how to use the Clover PomPom Makers, I have added a quick YouTube video from Michaels Craft Store to show you how. It’s super simple, I promise!

PomPom Maker Tutorial

Step 2: Get Creative

This is where you can show off your creativity.

Take different sizes and tie them together or add a tassel to the bottom of a PomPom. Have fun with it!

I just took an extra piece of yarn and used it to tie together different PomPoms or to create tassels. I also made sure to tie a small piece of yarn around the PomPoms leaving enough extra yarn to create a hoop for them to hang on the tree.

Frilly Filler: Glitter Star Garland

I always like to add a little glitter to whatever I am doing in life. Keeping it fun.  So I made a simple glitter star garland.


– Gold Glitter Paper

– Star Paper Punch

– Yarn – I used leftovers from my PomPoms

– Hot Glue

Any glue will work, but I am impatient and got so excited about the glitter stars that I wanted something fast acting. haha

– Scissors

Step 1: Use your paper punch to make your stars.

I made mine double sided so I cut quite a few stars. I’m not going to lie, I had to take a break midway through. Who knew that these ole paper punches were such a wrist workout?

Step 2: Glue stars to yarn 

Use a small dab of hot glue to connect the stars, securing your yarn in the middle.

You did it! See that wasn’t so hard. Now its time to decorate!

For an extra special touch, I added some fun tassels to my gifts under my festively fun tree!

I hope you learned something new, or at least feel inspired to create something beautiful. Remember to have fun and be creative because you can’t go wrong when you are creating something you love and believe in.

Cheers to a very Merry Christmas season! Make sure you sign up for my monthly newsletter to see more fun content, you can do so either at the bottom of my page or over to the right. I will be cranking out some fun ideas for this holiday season, and trust me you don’t want to miss out!

Thanks for stopping by! XO, Whitney


DIY Fall Table Setting

Like most, Fall has to be undoubtedly my favorite time of year. Other than the fact it is socially acceptable for me to wear oversized sweaters and boots most days, I love gathering together with loved ones and celebrating a time of Thankfulness. Joining around a beautifully decorated table with good food and great laughter is what the holidays are all about. So I thought I would share with you my take on a fall table setting perfectly curated for a great get together.

When it comes to setting the perfect table I start with my base, here I have used a fun buffalo check fabric from Hobby Lobby, you can click the link here to check it out.

Next, I love to layer with different textures, styles, and colors. I started with an oversized wood slice serving platter from Target as my charger. Then I moved on to a fun bright napkin, where I then set a simply elegant white plate, that I also purchased from Target. (Target is my weakness. Can I get an AMEN? Here are those links, Wood Serving Platter, Dinner Plate)

Then comes the fun customized piece of my place setting. To show my loved ones a little piece of the appreciation I have for them I created a sweet little place setting and treat that they can take home with them. I found an adorable galvanized metal crate and filled with a crisp granny smith apple and added some yummy caramel dip to a miniature mason jar. I love incorporating a little-customized treat for any of my guests, because who doesn’t love getting a little something special? Am I right?

I then embellished the center of my table with a couple of bundles of fresh greenery from my local flower shop and topped everything off with some adorable little white pumpkins.

I hope my take on a DIY Fall table setting inspired you to get creative and have fun for your next special get together with friends and family. Let me know what YOUR favorite table setting element is in the comments!





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