Happy Sunday all!

I hope this weekend you accomplished all those chores that were stacking up! And of course, I hope you enjoyed a good brunch, movie or some laughs with friends. After all, that IS what the weekend is for!

Sometimes on Sundays, I like to turn on a relaxing Spotify playlist, light a candle (or ten) and treat myself to a spa night. So this Sunday I decided to do just that. It was the perfect time for me to reflect and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Usually when someone says “spa” I think “dolla dolla bills $$$” but I have come up with my top DIY Spa Night Essentials that don’t break the bank but hit the spot when it comes to relaxation!

First, I light all the candles my bathroom can hold. One that smells super yummy, which is usually Mineral Springs by Bath & Body Works.

Then I light a bunch of pretty white unscented candles around my tub!

My next step is to just wash away the day. I love the feeling of a clean face.

These are just my daily facial cleansers, no this is not an Ad, but I swear by all of these products.

Next, I run a HOT bath, add some bubbles and Mr. Teals Epsom salt.

While my bath is running I like to put on some kind of facial mask.

My current favorite is I Dew Care “Disco Kitten” it works great and it’s a fun iridescent color!

This is a peel off mask and I swear every time I use it my skin just glows after.

Another favorite is these pink Himalayan salt rocks, I also purchased these from Bath & Body Works.

I am not a huge fan of bath bombs, I know I am probably the only person in the world but they are too messy!

These rocks you can use over and over until they completely dissolve, but you just throw them in your bath and they last a long time!

Now, this is something I have just started getting into and I don’t know why I never used a body scrub before!

They are great! My skin has been so smooth and feels so moisturized! This one is great, it is from Ulta.

After I get out of the bath I throw on a sheet mask and some comfy sweats.

I love a good sheet mask, don’t we all?

These are new at Bath & Body Works, and WOW they are fantastic!

While I have my sheet mask on, sometimes I like to give myself a manicure.

Now I am a 100% nail salon go-er, but sometimes I like to change up my color. So if I am feeling confident I will paint my nails.

Does anyone else just panic when it comes time to paint with their non-dominant hand? No, just me? Okay.

Lastly, I moisturize!

Which in my opinion is THE MOST IMPORTANT step!

I have super sensitive skin and the Cetaphil lotion works the best for me. I know it doesn’t look the prettiest or have that vanilla or flowery scent but it keeps my skin hydrated and healthy feeling!

Another one of my favorite hydrating products in the Neutrogena Hydro Boost facial cream. YAS! It is my ride or die facial cream!

I 100% suggest treating yourself to a DIY Spa Night! You deserve it! What are some of your favorite products to use? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week!

XO, Whitney


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