There comes a point in every young girl’s life when she wants to feel mature and have her own space where she can just be herself. That’s why when I was asked to do a room renovation that perfectly captured a young girls transition into her teen years, I was all in!
I don’t know about you, but growing up my room was my sanctuary. It’s where I laughed, cried, it was the keeper of all my juicy secrets and gossip between me and by best friends.

 I was given a group of colors and one specific request of gold dots on a wall. The rest was up to me and I did not want to disappoint.

See how I took this blank canvas and transitioned it into a teens dream!

Of the entire room renovation, the bed and this wall have to be my favorite before and after. This DIY fabric drape added so much to the area, it created such a warm and inviting feel. Our main goal with this drape was to create a purpose for all the colors and designs that were used throughout the room.
Not only was this project a huge statement piece within the room, it was a fairly simple project to complete. First I picked four fabrics that brought all the different colors and designs that flowed with the room.
As far as the amount goes, it really depends on the height of your ceilings. I would get an extra yard in addition to the length of your wall. (wall length + 3 feet)
Then I simply snipped 1in – 1.5 in section and ripped the fabric into strips lengthwise.

I wanted to create a little bit more texture, mainly to hide any imperfections. So once we attached the strips to the rod I knotted and tied different patterns together at various lengths.
I took two rods and tied the fabric to the first rod, then once I got all my strips on like I wanted I took the second rod and kept enough slack to create a nice swooping hang.
Then I attached the second rod in place.

Once you have your rods attached, just pull slightly to get the perfect swoop and touch up your fabric to make sure all your patterns are facing out.

Helpful Tip: Once I got everything how I wanted I took some extra strong duct tape and ran it across the bottom of the strips. This will help prevent the strips from falling.

To add that extra flare to the wall I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to create these fun gold vinyl dots. These are 2.5in round and they were the perfect size for this space.

Here are a few links to all the fun accessories we used for this section!

Blue Quilt from Target
Pink Fuzzy Throw Blanket from Target
Pink Fuzzy Throw Pillow from Target
Pink and White Dotted Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Blue Floral Print Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Gold Dotted Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Denim Fabric from Hobby Lobby
Pink and Gold Canvas Art from Hobby Lobby
Navy Blue Chalk Paint by Old Town Paints

These bookshelves really darkened the room, so we wanted to add a non-permanent solution to brighten them up!
There are several ways to achieve this look.  You can use removable wallpaper, fabric or even scrapbook paper. The sudden popularity of removable wallpaper would be the easiest option but can get pricey.
We actually used fabric, which I wouldn’t suggest being the first choice, but it was the best for our decor theme.

I have a detailed step by step coming up soon for another bookshelf project, so stay tuned for that.

Here are a few links to the products we used for the bookshelves:

Shibori Jersey Fabric from Hobby Lobby (I couldn’t find a link, sorry)
The baskets, face vase, and pictures were found at our TJ Max
White Velvet Pom Pom Pillow from Hobby Lobby

Anyone else love a fun gallery wall? I DO!
My number one suggestion when it comes to gallery walls is ALWAY layout your wall before you start hanging. I have royally screwed up too many walls by not laying them out.

Gallery walls can get expensive, but I came up with some cheaper filler pieces that add a personal touch and a cohesive look by pulling in already used colors or patterns from the room.

I covered a set of cheap canvases with the extra fabric that we used other places in the room.
Then I added an extra little touch by mixing some Fabric Mod Podge with some gold glitter and painted a heart onto one of the canvases.

Lastly, we created a spot to hang jackets, backpacks or purses. I found this door at a local thrift shop, gave it a fresh coat of paint and added some hooks.
This adds the perfect pop of color and functionality to the room.

Here is a list of links to the decor we used on this wall:
Gold Dot Lamp from Hobby Lobby
Framed Art from Hobby Lobby
Marquee Letter from Target
Wire Basket from Target ( I added the PomPoms)
Fuzzy White Stool from Hobby Lobby
Crystal Knobs from Hobby Lobby
Hooks on door from Hobby Lobby (I couldn’t find the link for these, sorry)


Let me know what your favorite part of this room was! Also, what was your favorite part of your childhood room?

XO, Whitney

Disclaimer: I know these photos are not 100% top quality, but I worked with what I had. So enjoy!

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